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Gelatin consumption is green products

Time : 2018-02-24

Edible gelatin is made from boiled animal bones, skin and tendons. An alternative is to make agar with seaweed. Another alternative is made of kudzu root.

     Gelatin appearance for the light yellow or amber, no smell, solid translucent, shiny, the size of 1-5 mm or 3-10 mesh, my company has a fully enclosed stainless steel crushing equipment, can be customized into 20-80 mesh Such as milk powder, edible gelatin is a green product, is a natural biological products. Has excellent colloid protection, surface activity, viscosity, film-forming, suspension, buffer, infiltration, water retention, stability and water-soluble.

     Edible gelatin can be used in jelly, canned, jelly, candy, sausage, ham, dairy products, fans, ice cream, toffee, snacks, alcoholic clarifications, ice cream, soft drinks, salads and jelly puddings.

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