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Gelatin can increase the added value of aquatic products processing

Time : 2018-02-24

With the extensive application of Shandong gelatin in various fields, the demand of gelatin will be increasing day by day and the price will increase day by day. It has become increasingly important to open up new raw materials for gelatin production.

     Gelatin from Shandong is usually derived from the skin and bone of terrestrial animals and other connective tissue. Its raw materials are limited, the process is complicated, the cost is high, and the demand of domestic and foreign markets can not be satisfied. With the rapid development of aquatic products processing industry, a lot of waste has been produced. Many enterprises discard these scraps and cause environmental pollution. These scraps are rich in collagen. Therefore, in recent years, people are keen to extract gelatin from the scraps of aquatic workers to solve the problem of environmental pollution, increase the added value of aquatic products processing, source. With the development of science and technology, I believe in the near future, gelatin of aquatic products will make greater contribution to people's health and life.

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